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We are a group of entrepreneurs, who, individually built our Business and after maturing into experienced, trained, knowledgeable leaders in our line of business, have been encouraged to meet the ever increasing and quality conscious customers, who have invested their earnings into very selectively acquired personal assets, office furniture and fixtures, and also industrial,lab equipments etc.,

Over the years we realized that while the quantum of customers grew the quality of service and satisfaction have to be maintained, by adopting modern updated technologies to match the speed of updating to Al. It was then that a few of these gentlemen, who were running their own business of Packing & Moving, decided to come together to form a Conglomeration. Thus, was born "IMA" which will be the fountain head of development activities, to reap the knowledge of each other.

We were also at time, at the receiving end of complaints, that the promises of 'prompt services' handed out while collecting the assignment, were in a few cases, not met throwing the customers at the mercy of the unscrupulous brokers/outsiders, who demanded usurious amounts to unload, unpack & rearrange the luggage. Driven to despair and desperation, they more often land up paying unreasonable amounts. We realized that we had to tackle this issue on a war footing to stay put in the business

Hence all like minded Members got together and decided to bring to life a Unit which will be the Light House to everyone ie customers, transporters, staff members, labour force etc

There was common consensus, that if there was any Member Company that had not discharged honestly, sincerely their commitment, their Membership would be terminated In course of time, we realized there was better coordination and competition between Members, benefitted the Members and the trusting public IMA grew from 30 Members to 200+ which proves it grew from strength to strength.

This IMA, is, we are proud to say, the only well established network which has "Service Safety. Punctuality, Reliability & most importantly Transparency as its base point. This Association was not created with an eye on commercial business but with an ambitious programme of widening the horizon of understanding the nitty gritty of IMA

IMA has Members with decades of service and are functioning from each and every state & Union Territories. This helps since each State/UT have different local rules and regulations, this helps in smooth movements & local Members can handle them without any hiccup. The comradeship has helped to sort out issues during crucial moments ike riots, strike, etc, the customers can be rest assured that the soldiers of IMA will safeguard their assets.

These Members can assist even to overcome hurdles at checkpost, tax counters. No question of haphazard dealings at IMA.

By this write up we are not on the look out for commercial gains, but purely to be a source of to awaken and assure the clients to the fact that IMA and only IMA is and will always be a solid Fort, Grand & Majestic to infuse confidence with all its inherent grandeur.


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Mr. R Naveen Kumar


Mr. Pankaj Garg

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Mr. Krishan Kumar


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Mr. Hitendra Vaishnav

 IT Head

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 All State Head Co-Ordinater

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 Logistic Co-Ordinater